ICON Ltd. company has been established in 1999 and has business activities mostly in computer and mobile technology and Internet. Since 2007 ICON Ltd. is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria and South- East Europe for all Teltonika UAB products and services.

The Lithuanian company Teltonika UAB has been established in 1998 and is a typical R&D company, creating innovative high-tech products.

In 2003 Teltonica and Nokia settled joint initiative and this was the beginning of a successful collaboration between the two companies.

There are 208 emplyees in the company. Since two years Teltonika has been organized as an international Finnish- Lithuanian company. The products are being sold in 96 countries all over the world . The company has 31 official distributors. New resourses are being invested every year in the development of new technologies which are being applied to the production process.

The system for controll of mobile objects, called Fleet management which we are now presenting to you, consists of hardware (device FM4) and software (TAVL Software) .

This system is applicable to many business sectors.

If you are a company for:
1. security activities
2. insurance activities
3.transport and logistics
4. transport of petrol products and containers
5. distribution
6. production
... so, you are in the right place, for through the system Fleet management your non-effective expences can be reduced. You have a secure and real control over your transport equipment, you can reveal misuse, you can analyze results and achieve proper managerial decisions.