Teltonika BoxRelay

Have you ever been in a situation, when you come back home in winter and canít even take your clothes off, because it is so cold at home? Then you are forced to sit and wait until your home becomes at least a little warmer. Have you ever thought it would be nice to switch on heating before coming back home? Has it ever occurred that you come back home in summer and encounter that your home is so stuffy that you canít even breathe? Wouldnít it be nice if somebody had switched the air condition on before coming back? If these situations seem familiar to you, we offer you a solution, which will make your life easier and save your money. Things, which seemed impossible before are a reality now. All you need is Teltonika BoxN12R, Teltonika BoxRelay, a SIM card and this system will be launched easily and quickly.

Send a special SMS message half an hour before arriving home and your desired device will switch on. If you are the one who forgets the SMS format, we will offer you an even more convenient method of controlling your devices Ė via WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). You will be able to check status of all of your devices at once and control them by pushing just a few buttons on your mobile phone. Of course, you may also control your house from a remote computer, which has an Internet connection.

If you believe this is not enough, evaluate additional features that you receive having purchased our product: you may switch lights on and off at home making others to believe you are at home, you will be the first to know when an alarm went off by receiving an SMS message, you will be able to water your grass, when you are actually far away from home.

These solutions are successfully being applied in business, where control of remote objects is needed. Your employees will not need to go to these objects just to toggle a switch or write down some digits from a meter. That is how you will save transporting expenses and save time of your employees.

Teltonika BoxRelay is an add-on for Teltonika BoxN12R or Teltonika Box/GPS-800, which enables to switch high power devices via GSM network. Teltonika BoxRelay has eight SPDT (single pole double throw) relays inside, which control eight high power devices. Having Teltonika BoxRelay with Teltonika BoxN12R you will have a ready-to-go system, which will make your vision become a reality.


  • Teltonika BoxRelay together with Teltonika BoxN12R is a superior solution, if you want to control high power devices.
  • You may control your devices and check their status not only via SMS, but also WAP or Internet.
  • Teltonika BoxRelay can switch up to 8 high power devices.
  • Double throw relays support voltages up to 250†V AC and currents up to 10†A (peak 15†A).
  • Quickly and easily connectable to Teltonika BoxN12R or Teltonika BoxGPS/800.
  • Rail mountable (DIN 50022).
  • Eight LEDs indicate current status of the relays.


Controlling high power devices via GSM network such as:

  • Pumps,
  • Lamps,
  • Heating equipment,
  • Ventilation equipment,
  • Air conditioning and others.


  • 8x relay inputs (input contact),
  • 8x relay outputs (normally open contact, normally closed contact and common contact),
  • 1x power supply (+9..30 V contact and GND contact)†


Housing dimensions: LxWxH 118mm x 100mm x 31mm.